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ELOPAR PLASTİK produces recyclable plastic bags from original LDPE-MDPE-HDPE materials for many industries including textile, health, tourism, and retail since 2014. In addition to the "traditional" plastic bags, the company produces biodegradable and compostable plastic bags that have been increasing in importance parallel to the increasing awareness of nature production worldwide, especially in Europe. In this context "European Green Deal" and sustainability shapes our future production processes. In addition, ELOPAR PLASTİK sells its products with the mentioned qualifications in retail markets under the brand name "PAKİ".


Our qualified sales team is ready to assist you in creating and developing the perfect solutions for your needs. We believe in dialogue, mutual understanding, and honesty to reach optimal solutions for our customers. Our key benefits are; high quality, quick response, competitive pricing, short delivery times, a wide range of products, customized solutions, and collaborative communication.

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