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Garbage Bags

Original LDPE, MDPE, and HDPE materials are used in the production of our garbage bags. (Production with recycled material is also available). Our bags are sold in supermarkets, retail stores, department stores, and are widely used in houses, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, grocery stores, and in many places in daily life. We have classic color options like black, white, orange, red, green, blue, violet, or transparent. (different colors can be produced due to your request) The size of the bags covers a wide range of options. (55x60, 65x80, 70x90, 80x110, 100x120, 100x150) It is also possible to produce the size that you prefer in the following limits: [min (55x60) and max (100x150). The surface can be plain, textured, or embossed due to your request. Our bags have high quality and perfect seal strength. They are also waterproof, shock-resistant, and recyclable. Biodegradable and compostable garbage bags are also available upon request.

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